EMS Foot Massger

Product Specifications:

Treat yourself to a spa-like treatment after a long day of hard work with this foot massaging mat. It boasts to free your swollen feet from the unbearable sore by releasing a gentle flow of electrical pulses throughout every strand of your foot muscles to boost blood circulation within your lower body. 

*Electric massaging mat for foot and leg. 

*Powered up by rechargeable battery. 

*Obtained the EIA golden winner award. 

*Certifications: CE (EMC), RoHS, REACH and MSDS.  


*Releases electrical pulses from the control unit. 

*Stimulates your muscles with EMS technology. 

*Improves blood circulation within your lower part body.

*Reduces swollen feet and strengthens your ankle muscles. 

*Please stand on the mat firmly to ensure good conduction. 


*Soft massaging mat upgraded with a sliver layer. 

*With 2 selectable modes and 15 intensity levels. 

*Runs automatically with a 25-minute program. 

*Forges the feeling of tapping, kneading and stroking. 

*Supports wireless operation with a detachable control unit. 

*Controlled by a RF remote.Easy to clean with a wiping cloth. 

*Can be scrolled into a roll for ease of storage.