EMS Arm Workout Exerciser

EMS Arm Workout Exerciser

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Basic Information
Product Description

EMS Dual Arm Workout Mini Exerciser Shoulder Training Machine Home Gym Trainer Device

Based on EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology, this patented EMS arm workout exerciser is designed with a digital display and two handles as electrodes to stimulate vour palms, wrists, forearms and arms for muscle contraction and relax. It helps you to build arms strength and endurance without heavy loads.

The product is powered by USB rechargeable battery and embedded with a digital display showing workout time, mode and intensity level respectively. One EMS auto training session lasts 20 minutes with 5 selectable modes. It's a perfect choice for full arms workout and relax

Note:Both your hands must hold on the handles when power is on. Otherwise, you can not feel electrical pulses from your palms.